Partnership Opportunities with NAIP: Empowering the Future of Insurance

Join Us in Making a Difference

The National Association of Insurance Professionals, Inc. (NAIP) is actively seeking partnerships with insurance providers, including carriers, agencies, and brokerages, as well as individuals who share our vision. By collaborating with NAIP, you can help us achieve the following goals:

1. Promote Insurance Literacy:

  • Empower individuals and communities with the knowledge they need to make informed insurance decisions.
  • Enhance understanding of insurance concepts, personal finance, and risk management.

2. Encourage Young Professionals:

  • Inspire and support the next generation of insurance professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Create opportunities for young talents to embark on successful careers in the insurance industry.

3. Provide Free Pre-Licensing Training:

  • Offer aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs across the nation access to free pre-licensing training, enabling them to kickstart their journey in the insurance field.

Sponsorship Packages

Annual sponsorship opportunities are available for both large providers (with 10 or more full-time employees) and smaller providers (with fewer than 10 full-time employees):

  • Large Providers (10+ employees): $5,000.00 annually.
  • Smaller Providers (Fewer than 10 employees): $2,500.00 annually.

Sponsorship Benefits Include (but not limited to):

  • Exclusive Event Sponsorship: Be the exclusive sponsor of a recruitment event in the city of your choice. Enjoy priority access to resumes of job seekers attending the event.
  • Insurance Literacy Month Recognition: Be part of the press release and associated photos for the establishment of Insurance Literacy Month in your chosen city, county, or municipality.
  • Priority Access to Consumer Information: Gain priority access to valuable consumer information for quotation and outreach.
  • Mentoring and Coaching: Access opportunities to mentor and coach both exempt and non-exempt employees, contributing to their professional growth.

Customized Partnerships: Your Objectives, Our Priority

At NAIP, we understand that every partner may have unique goals and objectives. We are dedicated to working closely with each sponsor to create a customized, targeted partnership package that aligns with your specific needs and aspirations.

A Tax-Deductible Contribution

NAIP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your partnership contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Get Involved, Make a Difference

Partner with NAIP today and be a part of our mission to empower the future of insurance. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on insurance literacy, career opportunities, and community enrichment.


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