Bring your talents to the insurance industry.

Begin in customer service and end with owning your own business.

Launch your career now

Step I: Click on the “Information Form” button at the bottom of the page below and provide us with some basic information.

Step II: Become a licensed insurance professional.  Training classes are currently being held in person and online.

Step III: After licensing you can:

              (1) Work from home, in a call center, bank, credit union, or insurance agency

              (2) Enroll in NAIP’s Paid Apprenticeship Program or

              (3) Pursue uncapped earning potential in sales and marketing

The insurance industry…one of the best kept secrets in employment. It stimulates the economy, encourages growth to many businesses, backs investments and has a real positive impact on society. That positive impact is felt in small communities, rural areas and the big cities.

  • 63% of insurers plan to increase their staff sizes in the next 12 months.
  • 81% of insurance executives are looking to hire a broader range of talent with different perspectives and diverse skills.
  • 85% of insurers list customer engagement and experience as a top strategic initiative.


High School Seniors and their Parent(s) are being encouraged to bring their talents to the insurance industry.

Licensed Insurance Agents are being offered work-from-home opportunities in claims support at a starting wage of $20.00 – $25.00 per hour.

Whether you are choosing or changing your career, insurance is a great field to consider.

Featured Career Pathway: High School Seniors and their Parent(s).

Ready to get started?

Great Career Choice!

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