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Step I: Ready to embark on an exciting journey? Simply click the “Information Form” button at the bottom of this page to provide us with some basic information.

Step II: Begin your journey toward becoming a licensed insurance professional. Our training classes are available both in person and online, offering you flexibility and convenience.

Step III: After obtaining your license, you’ll have a world of opportunities at your fingertips:

Choose Your Work Environment: Whether you prefer working from the comfort of your home, in a call center, at a bank, credit union, or in an insurance agency, the choice is yours.

NAIP’s Paid Apprenticeship Program: Join our prestigious apprenticeship program, where you can gain invaluable experience and mentorship.

Unleash Your Earning Potential: Seize the opportunity to earn without limits in the dynamic fields of sales and marketing.

Why the Insurance Industry? A Well-Kept Secret Unveiled.

The insurance industry plays a pivotal role in stimulating the economy, fostering growth for numerous businesses, supporting investments, and making a positive impact on society. This impact reverberates from small communities to rural areas and major cities alike.

Here are some compelling statistics:

63% Growth: A staggering 63% of insurers are planning to expand their workforce in the next 12 months, creating numerous job opportunities.

Diversity Matters: Insurance executives are actively seeking a broader range of talent with diverse perspectives and skills, with 81% recognizing the value of diversity in their teams.

Customer-Centric Focus: A whopping 85% of insurers prioritize customer engagement and experience as a top strategic initiative, ensuring a thriving industry that values its clients.

Join the insurance industry today and be part of a sector that’s brimming with potential and opportunity!



Our Next Insurance Agent Certificate Training Program is set to begin on Monday, July 1st, 2024.

Experienced Insurance Agents are being offered work-from-home opportunities in claims support at a starting wage of $20.00 – $25.00 per hour.

Whether you are choosing or changing your career, insurance is a great field to consider.

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