The National Association of Insurance Professionals, Inc. (NAIP) is a Pennsylvania 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.   Our mission is to create a pipeline to career and entrepreneurial opportunities in the insurance industry and to develop a pool of licensed and well trained insurance professionals to better service the needs of consumers in their community.

NAIP strives to become recognized as the leading resource for:

  • Job Seekers to pursue career and entrepreneurial opportunities in insurance.
  • Employers to identify highly motivated young professionals to fill open positions within their companies.
  • Consumers to become better educated about the basics of insurance, personal finance, and risk management.
  • Industry Organizations to network, share ideas, promote the insurance industry as a whole, and to create a structure that enhances the likelihood new talent remains in the industry.

NAIP is an aggressive organization preparing to offer cutting edge programs, seminars, conferences, and networking opportunities that leads to professional development, community service, and real employment opportunities.

Our History

NAIP was founded by Ron C. Harden to fill a need for an organization of insurance professionals that emphasizes leadership development and outreach to consumers and students.

NAIP was formed after nearly 1 ½ years of planning by an ad hoc committee of the following supporters: Robert Crowder, Gwendolyn White, Lorenzo Alston and Jacqueline Huggins, PhD. In November, 2004, through the generosity of insurance Agent Lorenzo Alston, NAIP established an office in Washington, D.C.  Shortly after, in January 2005, Erie Insurance Group and The Hartford became founding sponsors of the organization.

In April 2005 with the ongoing support of The Insurance Cooperative, NAIP established its first office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In October 2007, NAIP opened an Administrative Office in Erie, Pennsylvania and its corporate office in Washington, DC.